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Again With You

Julian Guba, a talented musician, meticulously crafted a soulful composition. The song Again With You within its melodic embrace delves into the depths of a profoundly personal and intimate conversation, where the protagonist is engaged with the individual who truly matters.

The lyrical narrative unfolds like a vivid painting of emotions, with the singer candidly sharing the turmoil of a perilous affection. It’s a yearning to break free from the clutches of someone who, despite their allure, poses a genuine threat to his well-being. The singer paints a picture of being constantly on edge, like a fragile thread, whenever this magnetic yet destructive force reenters his world.

The heart of the song,

embodied in its captivating chorus, encapsulates the essence of the singer’s journey. It speaks of love taking a daring plunge into the depths of uncertainty, unswayed by the allure of a false reality. Our protagonist stands resolute, refusing to return to a life tainted by deception. This time, he vows not to crumble under the weight of the past. Through the turmoil, he discovers his voice, escaping the clutches of regression, emerging as a changed soul after severing ties with this enigmatic figure who once held sway over him.

In the verses, the singer subtly conveys the failed attempts of this person to possess him. Like a phoenix, he rises from the ashes, fueled by the fire of their hatred, whenever they cross his path.

The song gracefully concludes with an aura of empowerment, as the singer boldly proclaims his liberation from the shadows of the past. With unwavering determination, he affirms his commitment to never again succumb to the artifice of a life lived in pretense.

Again With You is not merely a song; it is an emotional journey, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and a declaration of self-discovery and newfound strength.

Again With you is now available on all major streaming services, stream, or download it.

The highly anticipated song “Again With You” is now available for streaming on all major platforms, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the captivating melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Whether you prefer the convenience of streaming, the immersive experience of vinyl, or the permanence of digital downloads, this song offers something for everyone. With its captivating blend of genres and soulful performances, “Again With You” is a must-listen for music enthusiasts. So, sit back, relax, and let the enchanting melodies of this song transport you to a world of emotion and pure musical bliss.



personal question
proper conversation
when the lights out nothing really counts but you, oh

needed supersession
dangerous affection
count to ten and try my best forgettin bout you, oh you

you’re fatal for me, im on pins and needles when i see you comin around, around

my love is diving into blue
can’t be persuaded back into
living a lie again with you

this time i will not break in two
yeah i refuse to go back to
living my life again with you

got my self-expression
cuz of intercession
i was done i was cuttin right through your game, oh

keeping my discretion
avoided retrogression
i was done i was never again the same, the same

you failed to get me, i’m on fire and your hate’s my fuel when you coming around, and now

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