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Best Music Blogs

Julian Guba | 30. September 2023
Music Blogs

Best Music Blogs

Exploring the vast realm of musical enlightenment, these exceptional music blogs emerge as veritable treasure troves of auditory discovery. Within their digital domains, a symphony of unique perspectives harmonizes with the resonance of current information and the cadence of riveting tales from the music cosmos. Regardless of your melodic inclination, these blogs serve as invaluable sanctuaries, nurturing your musical spirit with the infusion of fresh talents, the pulse of contemporary trends, and the deepening of your ardor for the sonic arts.

NME Magazine

The venerable chronicle of the musical and pop-cultural saga immediately pours into the latest news from the ever-changing realms of melody and social whirlwinds. With videos and galleries that tantalize the visual senses. As well as carefully crafted narratives that spotlight musical ensembles. NME opens portals to auditory dimensions. Tickets to grand symphonic adventures. Magazines that house tales of sonorous journeys, and radio waves echoing with melodic elegies – all seamlessly woven into the vibrant fabric of offerings. Since the annals of 1952, NME resonates as the quintessence of musical and societal discernment. Shaping its legend as the essential oracle in the ever-expanding cosmos of auditory and cultural narratives.

Alternative Press Magazine

Alternative Press Magazine is another crucial voice in the music world. With a focus on alternative music. The magazine provides insights into emerging artists, new albums, and current trends. From indie rock to punk, from pop-punk to post-hardcore. Alternative Press keeps its finger on the pulse of the diverse music landscape. With vivid reviews, exclusive interviews, and captivating stories. Alternative Press is an indispensable companion for music lovers seeking fresh sounds and exciting discoveries.


BrooklynVegan is an influential music blog that focuses on the indie and alternative music scene. With a focus on live performances, concert reviews, and music discoveries. BrooklynVegan offers a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the music world. From indie rock to folk to experimental sounds. BrooklynVegan is a source of inspiration for music lovers looking for new artists and exciting events.

Trap Music Blog

Trap Music Blog is the ultimate destination for lovers and enthusiasts of trap music. With a mix of exclusive releases, artist profiles, and mixtapes. This blog brings the latest and hottest trap tracks directly to listeners’ screens. From the most well-known names to up-and-coming talents. Trap Music Blog provides a platform to discover and explore the diversity and energy of this unique music genre. is the ultimate destination for fans of electronic dance music (EDM). With an extensive collection of tracks, mixes, and live sets. offers a diverse selection of electronic genres such as house, techno, dubstep, and more. The blog also presents exclusive interviews with renowned DJs and producers. As well as informative articles about the latest trends and developments in the EDM scene. Whether you’re an experienced raver or a newcomer to the world of electronic music. is the ultimate source to find and experience your sound.

Streamline Music Blog / Platinum Music Magazine

Platinum Music Magazine, formerly Streamline Music Blog, is a music blog that focuses on the latest hits and trends in the mainstream. With a mix of reviews, playlists, and interviews. Streamline Music Blog provides insight into the world of pop music, R&B, hip-hop, and more. From the hottest stars to up-and-coming talents. This blog is a place to discover the latest tracks and stay updated on the latest developments in the music scene.

Song Exploder

Song Exploder is a unique music blog that focuses on the stories behind songs. In this blog, artists are invited to deconstruct their songs and explain the creative process behind their hits. From the chosen instruments to the meaning of the lyrics. Song Exploder offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of music production and songwriting. With various genres and artists, this blog is a treasure trove for music lovers and creators alike to learn more about the magic behind the songs.

Your EDM

Your EDM is a leading source for electronic dance music and EDM news. With a combination of news, reviews, interviews, and exclusive releases. Your EDM keeps its readers updated on the latest developments in the electronic music scene. From festival announcements to track premieres. This blog provides comprehensive coverage of the world of electronic music and the artists who bring it to life.

Consequence of Sound

Consequence of Sound is a versatile music blog that covers a wide range of genres and artists. With a mix of news, reviews, interviews, and features. Consequence of Sound offers comprehensive coverage of the music world. From rock to pop to hip-hop and more, this blog delivers informative and entertaining content for music lovers of every taste.


Pitchfork is undoubtedly one of the most influential music blogs of recent decades. With its distinctive criticism and coverage, Pitchfork has significantly shaped the music landscape. From indie rock to electronic music to experimental sounds, Pitchfork covers a wide range of genres and artists. With insightful reviews, exclusive interviews, and in-depth features, Pitchfork is an indispensable companion for music lovers seeking sophisticated and well-researched analyses.

Those were some of the best music blogs to discover. Each of these blogs offers unique insights, current information, and exciting stories from the world of music. No matter your preferred musical style, these blogs are a valuable resource to discover new artists, stay updated on current trends, and deepen your passion for music.

We hope this article has helped you discover some of the best music blogs. Enjoy reading and exploring the fascinating world of music!

Written by Julian Guba


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