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Billie Eilish Changed My Musical Perspective

Julian Guba | 10. May 2023
Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish Changed My Musical Perspective and Brought My Artistry to The Next Level



In the vast world of music, there are few artists who can truly captivate and inspire listeners.
However, Billie Eilish is definitely one of those artists.
With her unique sound, fearless storytelling, and raw talent, Eilish has changed how I see music and made me a better artist.
In this article, I will explore how Billie Eilish’s music has transformed my creativity and had a profound impact on my artistic journey.
Throughout, I’ll provide examples and draw comparisons to my songs to illustrate these changes.


Embracing Authenticity

Billie Eilish became famous by staying true to herself.
She expresses her emotions, vulnerabilities, and struggles through her music without holding back.
This honesty is evident to anyone who listens to her songs, whether they are older songs or from her newer albums “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO” or “Happier Than Ever”.

Her authenticity in all of her eras inspires me as an artist, as it reminds me of the power of being genuine in my work.
I want to create art that reflects who I truly am and isn’t afraid to explore my deepest emotions.

For instance, when I wrote Loser Like You,” I found that being vulnerable helped me compose the song quickly. I jotted down my exact thoughts and adjusted the lyrics to fit the melody I had in mind.


Pushing Boundaries

Eilish’s music is all about breaking the rules and going beyond expectations.
She combines different styles of music like pop, alternative, and electronic, creating a unique and fresh sound.
Her willingness to try new things and challenge the norms inspires me as an artist.
Eilish’s fearlessness pushes me to think outside the box and explore new artistic ideas that I haven’t tried before.
That’s why in every one of my songs, there will always be some sort of twist or edge to it.
For example, I was inspired by Billie’s “my boy” for the tempo changes in “Microwave” and “Loser Like You,” as well as the mix of genres.
I also reference elements of my music in the lyrics themselves, like mentioning the song’s 93 BPM in “Fine Without You.”


Storytelling with Depth

Billie Eilish is a great storyteller through her music.
Her lyrics delve into complex emotions and experiences, touching on topics like mental health, love, and self-discovery.
Two great examples of her story-like lyrics are from her EP “Guitar Songs”, her song “TV” and “The 30th”.
As an artist, they helped me understand the power of storytelling, and made me want to create narratives in my work that evoke emotions, challenge perceptions, and leave a lasting impact on my audience.
I have already had a go at this approach, either by explicitly telling a story about a character like in my song “Carolyn” or by using clever metaphors to hint at a topic, like global warming in “Microwave.”


The Power of Layered Vocals

One aspect that sets Billie Eilish’s music apart is her soft and multi-layered singing style.
Her songs feature gentle and intricate vocal arrangements, creating a mesmerizing effect.
This approach allows the listener to fully immerse themselves in the raw emotions conveyed through her voice. Inspired by Eilish, I aim to incorporate layered vocals into my artistry, capturing the essence of my ideas and letting my creativity shine through the harmonies and textures of my singing.
Billie’s song “Bad Guy” inspired me for the vocal layering in  “Monsters Under My Bed”.


The Power of Solo Productions

One remarkable aspect of Billie Eilish’s success lies not only in her talent but also in her close collaboration with her brother, Finneas.
Together, they form a small team that generates a powerful synergy, resulting in exceptional music.
Typically, they find themselves deciding whether a song they create is meant for Billie or Finneas. For instance, Finneas entirely crafted the song “when the party’s over” but Billie performed it.

This inspires me to recognize the potential of working alone or as a pair.
I strongly believe that the involvement of fewer people in a project allows for a clearer vision and enables it to be refined to perfection.
Embracing this approach has given me the opportunity to explore my creative depths and bring all of my musical ideas to life in fully developed productions, entirely on my own.



Billie Eilish’s music has profoundly influenced my perspective on music and elevated my artistic abilities.
Her authenticity, boundary-pushing approach, and powerful storytelling have been a great source of inspiration on my creative journey.
Billie Eilish has not only changed the way I see music, but also ignited a passion within me to create art that resonates, challenges, and inspires.

Written by Julian Guba


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