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Lady Gaga was My First Idol

Julian Guba | 18. June 2023


…and this is how she impacted my music production
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, known by her stage name Lady Gaga, was the first singer I have ever become a devoted fan of. With her daring fashion choices, mesmerizing performances, and irresistibly catchy tracks, she captivated the hearts of millions of music listeners, myself included. In this article, I will explore the profound influence Lady Gaga has had on my journey as a music creator.

Lady Gaga: A Melodic Revolution

Lady Gaga revolutionized the music scene by fearlessly embracing her unique self and inspiring others to do the same. With her daring fashion choices and captivating performances, she shattered norms and challenged societal expectations. Her debut album, “The Fame,” which includes songs like “Poker Face” and “LoveGame,” was actually the first CD I ever bought, igniting my passion for self-expression. While I was already a big fan of her music, it was when I saw her music videos and live performances that I became an absolute super fan. One performance that stands out is her unforgettable 2009 VMA performance of “Paparazzi,” which featured a shocking twist in the middle of the song. This boundary-pushing moment not only left an indelible mark on pop culture, but also deeply impacted my perception. Lady Gaga’s legacy as an icon and boundary-breaker continues to endure!”

Lady Gaga’s Influence on My Music

Her innovative music production has deeply influenced my artistry, since she was essentially the first artist whom I genuinely enjoyed listening to. Her fearless experimentation with electronic sounds and genre blending has always been a significant inspiration to me. I distinctly recall how her instrumentals had a certain electronic touch that no other artist had at the time, exemplified by the abundance of creative electronic sounds in her songs, such as “Just Dance.” Lady Gaga’s dedication to creative freedom has taught me to break away from artistic expectations and to use music as a powerful instrument for voicing my emotions. Inspired by her, I not only love to experiment with genre blending but also with innovative song structures, as demonstrated in my track “Be Alone,” which drew inspiration from her hit “Telephone.”


Empowering Messages: Music as Means of Social Change

Lady Gaga consistently uses her music to spread the message about social causes, which greatly influenced many of my songs. Particularly, her advocacy for LGBTQ++ rights, exemplified in songs like “Born This Way,” not only inspired my music but also provided personal support in my life. Seeing how her lyrics had helped me, I realized the power of music in spreading messages, prompting me to use my songs to convey positive messages. In my track “Carolyn,” I address the dangers of drug abuse, aiming to raise awareness. And in my song “Microwave” I sing about global warming and its bad due causes that we have to prevent from happening. Following in Lady Gaga’s footsteps, I aspire to infuse my music with profound messages, using my platform to shine light on significant social issues, inspire positive change and hopefully help someone!


The indelible impact Lady Gaga has made on the music industry is beyond dispute, and her influence on my own musical journey is immeasurable. Her artistry, authenticity, and unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries have shaped my approach to music production and creative expression. By embracing her pioneering spirit, I have discovered the courage to break free from artistic conventions, embrace my individuality, and utilize my music as a force for change. Lady Gaga’s impact will forever resonate within the depths of my art, inspiring me to continuously push the boundaries of my creativity and leave an indelible mark on the world.


What is Lady Gaga’s real name?
Lady Gaga’s real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

What was Lady Gaga’s debut album?
Lady Gaga’s debut album is titled “The Fame.”

Which songs are included in Lady Gaga’s debut album?
Lady Gaga’s debut album, “The Fame,” includes songs like “Poker Face” and “LoveGame.”

How did Lady Gaga influence the music industry?
Lady Gaga revolutionized the music scene by fearlessly embracing her unique self, challenging societal expectations, and breaking boundaries through her daring fashion choices and captivating performances.

Q5: What social causes has Lady Gaga advocated for through her music?
A5: Lady Gaga has advocated for LGBTQ++ rights through songs like “Born This Way,” spreading empowering messages of self-acceptance and inclusivity.

Written by Julian Guba


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