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Best Music Blogs

Julian Guba | 30. September 2023

Best Music BlogsContents1 Best Music Blogs2 NME Magazine3 Alternative Press Magazine4 BrooklynVegan5 Trap Music Blog6 EDM.com7 Streamline Music Blog / Platinum Music Magazine8 Song Exploder9 Your EDM10 Consequence of Sound11 Pitchfork Exploring the vast realm of musical enlightenment, these exceptional music blogs emerge as veritable treasure troves of auditory discovery. […]

music websites
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Top Music Websites

Julian Guba | 27. September 2023

Top Music Websites for Every TasteContents1 Top Music Websites for Every Taste2 SoundCloud: Where Music Finds Its Voice3 Rate Your Music4 The Rolling Stone Magazine5 Last.fm6 Hype Machine: Your Gateway to Music Blogs7 Indie Shuffle: A Genre Wonderland8 Daytrotter: Live Sessions at Your Fingertips9 Make Musical Friends with Tastebuds10 Music […]

Carolyn by Julian Guba
About Me and My Music

Why is my song Carolyn doing so well?

Julian Guba | 23. September 2023

If you’ve been keeping up with the music scene lately, you’ve probably stumbled upon a track named “Carolyn” that’s been causing quite a stir. But what’s the secret behind its success? In this article, I’ll dive into the reasons why this song Carolyn is making waves and why it has […]

About Me and My Music

Music Advertising

Julian Guba | 25. June 2023

Unlocking the Potential of Music Advertising: Breaking Down Common Misconceptions Some thoughts and myths I’ve made about music advertising.Contents0.0.1 Some thoughts and myths I’ve made about music advertising.1 Embrace the Power of Music Marketing2 Myth #1: “I shouldn’t have to advertise my music; I’ve already spent so much money to […]

About Me and My Music

Lady Gaga was My First Idol

Julian Guba | 18. June 2023

IntroductionContents1 Introduction2 Lady Gaga: A Melodic Revolution3 Lady Gaga’s Influence on My Music4 Empowering Messages: Music as Means of Social Change5 Conclusion6 FAQ …and this is how she impacted my music production Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, known by her stage name Lady Gaga, was the first singer I have ever […]

Julian Guba

Interview summary with Nene’s Butler

admin | 27. May 2023

Julian Guba: Breaking the Chains of a Toxic LoveContents1 Julian Guba: Breaking the Chains of a Toxic Love1.1 Interview summary with Nene’s Butler2 The Person Behind the Artist2.1 Early Beginnings and Influences2.1.1 Lady Gaga, Alan Walker, and Billie Eilish: Shaping Julian’s Musical Path2.2 Balancing Artistic Vision and Audience Expectations2.2.1 Staying […]

Sinikka Monte & Julian Guba

I Covered Sinikka Monte’s Song “Slayer”

Julian Guba | 26. May 2023

I Covered Sinikka Monte’s Song “Slayer”Contents1 I Covered Sinikka Monte’s Song “Slayer”2 Julian Guba’s Cover of “Slayer”3 Conclusion Recently, I had the pleasure of covering Sinikka Monte’s song, “Slayer.” Sinikka and I are both Austrian newcomer musicians who crossed paths through a mutual job that was not directly related to […]

Inspired by Alan Walker
About Me and My Music

How Alan Walker and his Electropop Impacted My Music Production

Julian Guba | 20. May 2023

How Alan Walker’s Electropop Impacted My Music Production IntroductionContents1 Introduction2 The Power of Melodic Progressions: “Faded”3 Building Atmospheric Tension: Alan Walker and “The Spectre”4 Embracing Diverse Musical Influences: “Running Out Of Roses”5 The Art of Rhythmic Dynamics: Alan Walker and “The Drum”6 Looking into The Future: Alan Walker and “Hero”7 […]

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